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     happy 4th anniversary!


Welcome Friends:

          We at Have Fun Will Travel Inc hope all of you and your families are coming out of this lockdown healthy and eager to get on with your lives.  We have to remember though to be careful and thoughtful about our social distancing and getting together with family and friends.  BUT we are on the way back! 

           As I said in our last newsletter, we had to make changes in our everyday lives so did the travel industry!   The cruise lines are still shut down until at least  May  but they are offering great prices for cruises coming up  for traveling in 2021 and 2022.  

           Airlines are now offering great prices if you choose to travel now and I am certain they will are doing a great job at cleaning and disinfecting their planes so we can all be safe.  

            You must realize that Americans are not free to travel all over the world now and you probably would not want to.  Travel in the United States and Canada is booming now.  Road trips and long weekends are looking great. Trips to local beaches and lakes where the weather is warm,  are very enticing too! The states that have skiing can be a good idea of vacation. Keep in mind though that the pandemic is springing up  more and more in the US and many of the states are issuing 2 week quarantine when you arrive but with the vaccine being given to so many, states are requiring a negative test before and after a trip. Many resorts out of the US have rapid tests available when returning to the US. That is really a great convenience.  

           At Have Fun Will Travel Inc we will do all we can to help find all the great trips offered anywhere you want. Keep watching our Facebook Page and Instagram for great ideas.

           If you are in the position of taking too much luggage or not knowing what luggage to take, send me your email and I have a quick and very informative check list to make is a breeze, fill out the form on our contact page in this website.


      Stay Well and Healthy!   June



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Some cruise lines are putting out some great prices for  2021!